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Strategic Lead Generation Campaign: Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads for High-Value Corporate and HNWI Targets


In a digital marketing landscape where every click can lead to a significant business opportunity, targeting corporates and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) demands a mix of precision, creativity, and strategic foresight. REBEL’s innovative campaign, utilizing Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, set a new standard in reaching and engaging this exclusive audience, blending search and social strategies to drive unparalleled lead generation.


The primary goal was both ambitious and specific: leverage Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads to drive targeted leads to corporates and HNWIs, ensuring these high-value interactions translate into tangible results for the sales team.

The Plan

REBEL crafted a sophisticated audience and geo-targeting strategy that was anything but generic. The focus was on developing an intimate understanding of the target market’s digital behavior and preferences, then tailoring the campaign to these insights. The aim was to not just reach the audience but to engage them compellingly and convert them efficiently.

Tactics Deployed

A Dual-Channel Approach

By choosing Google Ads for its unmatched reach in search and LinkedIn Ads for its direct line to professionals and corporates, REBEL was able to create a dynamic campaign that leveraged the strengths of both platforms. This dual-channel strategy ensured visibility at every stage of the customer journey, from initial search to professional networking.

Targeting English-Speaking Expats and Japanese Corporates

The campaign focused on English-speaking expats and Japanese corporates, employing a dual strategy to cater to these distinct groups. REBEL’s approach included detailed audience segmentation and personalized messaging, ensuring relevance and resonance across both Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

Localization and Sophisticated Targeting

Collaborating with partners for localization, REBEL ensured that every ad—whether on Google or LinkedIn—spoke the language of its audience, both literally and culturally. This level of personalization extended to geo-targeting, allowing the campaign to reach specific demographics with precision.

The Outcome: Beyond Expectations

The results were a resounding success. Not only did REBEL drive a significant volume of leads from corporates and HNWIs through Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, but the campaign also achieved a sell-out of hospitality tickets well in advance. The cost efficiencies were remarkable, with both CPL and CPA metrics coming in well below targets, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign’s strategic targeting and localization.


This case study showcases REBEL’s expertise in harnessing the power of both Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads to achieve specific, high-stakes marketing objectives. The success of the campaign underscores the importance of a nuanced, platform-specific approach when targeting high-value leads such as corporates and HNWIs. Through strategic planning, sophisticated targeting, and a deep commitment to localization, REBEL not only met its goals but also set a new benchmark for digital lead generation in high-value markets.

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“I was having trouble with transferring from another agency and they helped me through that tricky process, guided me at each step and made it easy to do exactly what I needed to do. As I am new to paid search, the team made it very easy for me to understand how it all works, which is not something my previous agency did. They are also highly efficient and quick to respond to my emails. I look forward to continuing my partnership with them.”

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“We were looking for a digital-marketing agency small enough to care but with world-class thinkers and implementors to maximise our investment and results. REBEL delivered incredible strategic-advice, customer service and campaign delivery. I am proud to call them our partner.”

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