Life’s most imporant skill


**This is life’s single most important skill**

(wish i’d worked it out a long time ago!)

I’ve worked in marketing for the last 10 years and i’d say that i’ve only really been listening for about 5… Before everyone starts trolling me take a second to listen. Essentially, what i’m saying is that listening is a skill just like anything else. The more we practice REALLY listening the better we can get at it. But unfortunately, as human beings we start out in life not being very good at it (just ask my mum!). This is only made worse by the fact that more often that not we don’t even realise we’re not listening! Don’t panic though, just like anything in life we can get better with practice. The first step is to realise when you’re not listening. Watch the video below to learn a little exercise that can help. Do you agree that listening is the most important skill in life???