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A-Littles: US Market Launch

About A Littles & Co 

A Littles & Co is an online Jewellery brand, offering personalised jewellery for every occasion. Stemming from it’s UK Brand “Joma Jewellery”, the US Brand launched in August 2023. 

Each piece of A Littles & Co jewellery pairs unique sentiment with fantastic quality. Combined with a world of personalisation options guarantees the ultimate gifting moment. 

A Littles & Co is a British founded brand inspired by the love of meaningful sentiments that inspire every day, making each memory treasured. The bestselling collection of A Little bracelets are designed to collect, stack and wear every day.

The challenge

The challenge for A Littles & Co was to launch a new Brand in the US market. From a paid search perspective, the opportunity was to drive brand awareness, while also driving efficient revenue to ensure the brand is profitable and continues to grow month on month. 

Our approach

The approach was to focus on two parts, brand awareness and consideration.

Performance max and Brand campaigns were launched side by side initially, to capture anyone who has heard of the Brand – as there was some brand awareness activity outside of paid ads. Brand captured any lower funnel searches and Performance max captured a wider net of users who were searching for relevant products. 

A target ROAS was set on performance max, to make sure we are targeting efficient traffic to the website through this campaign type. Because volume was low, just a catch all campaign was launched to begin with as segmenting by category would have limited the data collected through each campaign. 

Maximising on the asset spaces within each asset group was key to driving stronger ads which could use a variety of placements. Linking to strong YouTube videos and building out peak specific ad copy, along with utilising strong sale messaging was key to driving an increase in volume. 

As first party data was limited, in-market audiences, demographic targeting and keywords were used as audience signals to support the campaign in delivering ads to relevant audiences. 

A Demand Gen campaign was also launched to reach relevant users with display and video assets. Utilising relevant audience segments meant driving cheap traffic to the website from our visual creatives. 

The Results

Performance max drove a growth in revenue and efficiencies, while the Brand activity started to pick up momentum alongside it.  

Since launching the account and initial activity, A Littles & Co has seen continuous revenue and ROAS growth, with overall Brand awareness increasing supported by a strong campaign mix. 

  • +72% Revenue
  • + 64% Customer transactions
  • + 37% Conversion rate 
  • -7% Cost per click 
  • + 55% Return on ad spend 

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About Us

“REBEL are a great company to work with. Building meaningful relationships with their clients and always being reactive, their team strive for greatness and want the best for your company, championing you as a client.”

Charlotte Rowlson STH

“Rebel feel like an extension to the business and are quick to respond, help with any last minute changes. They are strategic in planning and help deliver our targets/goals.”

Anna Ferguson Joma Jewellery & Katie Loxton

“What stands out about working with REBEL is their responsiveness, expertise, and collaborative approach. They’re quick to respond to inquiries and always keep us updated on ongoing projects. Their team’s specialised knowledge in areas like PPC and SEO has been instrumental in our campaigns’ success. We work closely together, and they ensure that their strategies align perfectly with our goals, making the collaboration both productive and enjoyable.”

Cherise Cupid Pax8

“I was having trouble with transferring from another agency and they helped me through that tricky process, guided me at each step and made it easy to do exactly what I needed to do. As I am new to paid search, the team made it very easy for me to understand how it all works, which is not something my previous agency did. They are also highly efficient and quick to respond to my emails. I look forward to continuing my partnership with them.”

Misha Agarwal Clarion Events

“We were looking for a digital-marketing agency small enough to care but with world-class thinkers and implementors to maximise our investment and results. REBEL delivered incredible strategic-advice, customer service and campaign delivery. I am proud to call them our partner.”

Jonathan Griffiths Marketing Director, Sports Travel and Hospitality Group (STH)
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