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About Pax8 

Pax8 is the world’s leading marketplace for cloud solutions. 

Pax8s born-in-the-cloud platform modernises the channel’s cloud journey with consolidated billing, automated provisioning, and industry-leading PSA integrations. And the technology is backed by responsive support, educational offerings, and the resources you need to grow your cloud business. Pax8 has displaced legacy distribution by connecting the channel ecosystem to its award-winning cloud marketplace.  

The Challenge 

Initially, we faced the challenge of maximising our online presence and attracting a broader audience to our offerings. The need for increased reach and tapping into a wider search pool became apparent as we aimed to expand our online footprint. We also wanted to improve the efficiency of our advertising spend and make sure that our marketing efforts were effectively reaching potential customers. 

One of our specific challenges was identifying valuable search queries that were more likely to convert, thus optimising our campaign’s performance. Understanding the impact of broad match keywords and their potential benefits was crucial in addressing these challenges. 

Our Approach 

To address the challenge of reaching a wider audience, we strategically incorporated broad match keywords into our campaigns. Our approach involved harnessing the power of Google’s algorithm to better target and identify valuable search queries. We carefully monitored and adjusted our campaign based on performance data, allowing the algorithm to refine its search parameters and focus on potential converters.Our approach prioritised data-driven decision-making and continuous optimization to maximise the effectiveness of our Google Ads campaigns. 

The Results 

Implementing broad match keywords significantly increased our campaign’s reach, exposing our offerings to a broader range of potential customers. The algorithm’s ability to identify valuable search queries led to a substantial improvement in our click-through rate (CTR), indicating that we were capturing the attention of more interested users. 

Despite the broader reach, our cost per click (CPC) decreased by an impressive 43%, demonstrating a more cost-efficient advertising strategy. The most notable result was the remarkable 163% increase in conversions, primarily driven by ‘guide downloads,’ highlighting the algorithm’s proficiency in targeting users with higher conversion potential. 

Our cost per acquisition (CPA) also decreased by 55%, indicating that our approach not only attracted more conversions but also did so at a significantly reduced cost, enhancing the overall campaign’s efficiency and return on investment (ROI). 

What They Say

About Us

“REBEL are a great company to work with. Building meaningful relationships with their clients and always being reactive, their team strive for greatness and want the best for your company, championing you as a client.”

Charlotte Rowlson STH

“Rebel feel like an extension to the business and are quick to respond, help with any last minute changes. They are strategic in planning and help deliver our targets/goals.”

Anna Ferguson Joma Jewellery & Katie Loxton

“What stands out about working with REBEL is their responsiveness, expertise, and collaborative approach. They’re quick to respond to inquiries and always keep us updated on ongoing projects. Their team’s specialised knowledge in areas like PPC and SEO has been instrumental in our campaigns’ success. We work closely together, and they ensure that their strategies align perfectly with our goals, making the collaboration both productive and enjoyable.”

Cherise Cupid Pax8

“I was having trouble with transferring from another agency and they helped me through that tricky process, guided me at each step and made it easy to do exactly what I needed to do. As I am new to paid search, the team made it very easy for me to understand how it all works, which is not something my previous agency did. They are also highly efficient and quick to respond to my emails. I look forward to continuing my partnership with them.”

Misha Agarwal Clarion Events

“We were looking for a digital-marketing agency small enough to care but with world-class thinkers and implementors to maximise our investment and results. REBEL delivered incredible strategic-advice, customer service and campaign delivery. I am proud to call them our partner.”

Jonathan Griffiths Marketing Director, Sports Travel and Hospitality Group (STH)
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9.6Out of 10

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