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STH – Rugby World Cup – PPC


STH, a premier sports hospitality provider, faced the formidable challenge of maximizing online registrations and ticket sales for the Rugby World Cup 2023. Their objective was to captivate a diverse audience of rugby fans by enhancing their online presence, refining advertising efficiency, and optimizing campaign performance to boost conversions. The crux of their strategy involved pinpointing valuable search queries and employing targeted advertising techniques to reach their ambitious goals.


To tackle these challenges, we adopted a sophisticated and methodical approach leveraging Google Ads’ intrinsic capabilities to extend our audience reach and increase registrations and ticket sales. Our refined strategy involved:

  1. Enhanced Keyword Strategy: We conducted an in-depth analysis to identify a blend of generic and highly targeted keywords associated with the Rugby World Cup, focusing on terms that not only attracted general interest but also targeted potential buyers and specific match-related queries. This dual-focus strategy aimed to engage potential attendees at different stages of the decision-making process, from initial curiosity to the final intent to purchase.
  2. Segmentation and Bid Optimization: We employed advanced segmentation and automated bidding to tailor our exposure and manage our advertising budget effectively. By categorising our audience based on their search behavior and engagement level, we could allocate more resources to high-performing segments. Google Ads’ automated bidding strategies allowed us to optimize our bids based on the campaign’s performance data, ensuring we maximized reach and engagement while keeping costs under control.


The execution of our Google Search Ads campaign led to remarkable achievements in driving registrations and ticket sales for the Rugby World Cup 2023, evidenced by:

  • Increased Engagement: The campaign generated a significant number of clicks and impressions, showcasing a heightened level of interest and engagement from potential attendees.
  • Cost-Efficient Advertising: Our strategic execution resulted in a low average cost per click (CPC), demonstrating our ability to achieve widespread reach and robust engagement efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Conversion Optimization: The campaign surpassed anticipated registrations, inquiries, and package purchases. By targeting high-intent users and leveraging Google Ads’ optimization features, we achieved a strong conversion rate, validating the effectiveness of our focused advertising strategy.
  • Improved Cost per Acquisition (CPA): We realized a competitive CPA, indicating our strategic success in optimizing conversions while maintaining cost efficiency in new registrations and sales.

Throughout the campaign, we observed significant improvements in key metrics, reflecting the success of our continuous optimization efforts:

  • Increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR): We noted a substantial 39% improvement in CTR, indicating more effective audience engagement and ad relevance.
  • Enhanced Conversion Efficiency: By fine-tuning our campaign based on ongoing performance analysis, we achieved a notable 89% decrease in CPA, showcasing our ability to enhance conversion efficiency and maximize the return on advertising spend.


Our Google Ads campaign for the Rugby World Cup 2023 not only succeeded in driving significant registrations and ticket sales but also demonstrated marked improvements in performance metrics over time. Through a strategic, data-informed approach, leveraging the built-in capabilities of Google Ads for bidding optimization, and analyzing performance data, we maximized campaign effectiveness, engagement, and conversions while ensuring cost efficiency. This case underscores the value of strategic planning, continual optimization, and leveraging platform-specific features to achieve sustained success in digital advertising campaigns.

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